Step 1

STEP 1: Are we ready for outside investment? Readiness is assessed from financial, people, and psychological perspectives.

  • Are I and my management team, and other investors (existing shareholders) ready for outside investment?
  • Am I aware of the responsibilities of taking outside capital?
Step 2

STEP 2: How will investors assess my business?

  • If I am ok with the roles and responsibilities of outside capital, then how do I measure myself against the yardstick that investors will use to assess me, my team, and my business? How likely am I going to be able to get capital and manage the process of securing capital?
  • How do I prepare myself for investment?
  • After the planned organizational changes (idea, product, market, people, organizational structure, systems, and processes) can I measure myself for investor preparedness?
Step 3

STEP 3: Quality of our operations?

  • What will I do post investment? How will the operations work? What governance systems will need to put in place?
  • What is the end goal to be achieved after investment?
Step 4

STEP 4: Where are we on the journey of raising capital?

  • Once I start executing how I will assess my progress towards completing an investmentproposal. Measure the journey to a state of investor-readiness
  • Initial evaluation of the likelihood ofbeing able to secure investment and then later to guide development of thebusiness